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Softwares given below display short description of the software & provide download link. Link to the Name of the software points to a page where you can download utility, view screenshot of the utility and know more about the utility.

Computer Monitor Software Utilities

Given below Software Utilities can be used to Control Monitor of Desktop or Laptop. The Software Utilities available for download offers many other features to control Computer Monitor.

Download Free Shortcuts software utility to launch various websites easily with few clicks or keyboard keys.

Virus Scanner to Scan single or multiple files with around 40 latest version antiviruses.

Color Change Detector to Detect Color Changes on Computer Screen & on Change, run Configured Application or Open a Document.

Screen Capture Software Utility to capture Full Screen or Partial Screen Image with only 2 clicks.

CountDown Timer Software Utility for Windows Computers to display Clock, StopWatch or Digital Timer on Desktop or Laptop Computer. Launch Multiple instances, resize, automatic start and many more features in this CountDown Timer Software Application. Download and give this multipurpose countdown timer utility a try for free.

Jump List Software for Windows 10 : Jump List Manager Software to create a configurable Jump List on Windows 10 to launch applications easily in 2 clicks. Create a custom Jump List with Jump List Manager Software on Windows 10 / Windows 11 and launch applications or open existing documents on Windows 10 or Windows 11 really easily and quickly.

Monitor Change Alert : Monitor Screen Changes and whenever Screen Changes, let the utility play a configurable audio file.

Webcam Spy : Watch LIVE Webcam from a Webcam connected to your Windows Computer. Download Webcam Spy Software for Windows and Watch LIVE Webcam on Windows 8.1 onwards.

Turn Off Monitor : Turn Desktop/Laptop Monitor Off and much more. Download Turn Off Monitor Software Utility Now.

Monitor Controller : Software to control power state of all monitors conncted to pc. Download Monitor Controller for Windows Now.

MurGeeMon : Dual Display / Monitor Software Utility. Download MurGeeMon Software Utility Now.

Start ScreenSaver : Start Screen Saver,Lock PC,Change ScreenSaver. Download Start ScreenSaver Software Utility Now.

Monitor On : Turn Desktop/Laptop Monitor On and much more. Download Monitor On Software Utility Now.

Quick Blank Screen : Blank Screen Displays Black and Black Screen. Download Quick Blank Screen Software Utility Now.

Power Monitor Off : Power Off Monitor Whenever Required. Download Power Monitor Off Software Utility Now.

Computer Shutdown Utilities

Shutdown your Computer running XP,Vista or Latest Operating System Windows 10 by downloading any of the given below software utility.

Power Saver : Save Power with Power Saver for Windows. Download Power Saver Software Utility Now.

Easy Shut Down : Easy Shut Down/Restart/Log Off/Hibernate. Download Easy Shut Down Software Utility Now.

ShutDown Utility : ShutDown Down Utility- Schedule LogOff,etc. Download ShutDown Utility Software Utility Now.

Mouse Cursor Software Utilities Download

Download Utility to control Mouse Cursor, Automate Mouse Cursor and much more.

Easy Mouse Lock : Lock Mouse with Easy Lock Mouse Utility. Download Easy Mouse Lock Software Utility Now.

Auto Mouse Clicker : Auto Mouse Clicker Software to Click Mouse . Download Auto Mouse Clicker Software Utility Now.

Automatic Random Mouse Clicker : Single screen software utility to automate mouse cursor clicking at fixed or random location on screen with fixed or random delay interval.Download and try Automatic Mouse Clicker with Random and Fixed Location for Windows Now.

Download JoyStick Buttons Mapper to open any document, run an application or anything else by pressing buttons on JoyStick.

Download Mouse Disabler to disable Left Button Click of Mouse, Right Button Click of Mouse, Mouse Movement, Middle Mouse Button Click easily. The Software Utility also allows to disable keyboard keys (Other than Special Keys like Ctrl+Alt+Del, etc).

Keyboard Utilities Download

Launch Programs, Open Documents with Keyboard Shortcuts. Pass Command Line Parameters to applications and manage keyboard shortcuts easily.

Auto Keyboard Software Utility to automate repetitive typing of single keyboard keys such as Enter Key, Up Arrow Key, Space Bar, BackSpace, etc. Download Auto Keyboard Software Utility Now and press the selected key combination as many times as you want with a single shortcut key.

Auto Keyboard : Automate Key Down & Key Up with Auto Keyboard. Download Auto Keyboard Software Utility Now.

Keyboard Shortcut : Create Keyboard Shortcuts with this utility. Download Keyboard Shortcut Software Utility Now.

Register Hot Key : Launch Programs / Open File with Hot Key. Download Register Hot Key Software Utility Now.

Other Software Utilities Download

Download Image Resizer Software Utility to resize images, convert images from one format to other and other image conversions for single or batch of files.

Alarm Clock : Alarm Clock to speak / play when alarm fires. Download Alarm Clock Software Utility Now.

Block Website : Block Website(s) on your computer easily. Download Block Website Software Utility Now.

Configurable Desktop Clock : Clock Utility for Configurable Desktop Clock. Download Configurable Desktop Clock Software Utility Now.

Easy Hide Window : Hide Window on Taskbar with Easy Hide Window. Download Easy Hide Window Software Utility Now.

Hide Window : Hide Window on Taskbar easy with Hide Window . Download Hide Window Software Utility Now.

My System Tray Icon : Power Monitor Off ,Restart,Log Of and more.. Download My System Tray Icon Software Utility Now.

RTDesktop : Switch between desktops define shortcut key. Download RTDesktop Software Utility Now.

Window Title Changer : Free Software Download to Change Window Title. Download Window Title Changer Software Utility Now.

USB Controller : USB Controller to disable or enable USB ports. Download USB Controller Software Utility Now.

Change Drive Icon : Change CD, DVD, USB, Hard Disk Drive Icon. Download Change Drive Icon Software Utility Now.


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