Power Saver

Power Saver Software Application for Windows to save Power. Auto Hibernate windows computer and resume it on same day or at a configurable day. Download Power Saver and try it for free now.

Save Power with Power Saver for Windows

Save Power with Power Saver for Windows by sending computer to hibernate mode at configurable time and resuming it automatically at configured date and time. You can even hibernate your windows computer with power saver on friday and resume on monday

Screenshot of Power Saver

Download Power Saver for Windows and save power on unattended computers for free now. The Power Saver can be useful to automatically hibernate and resume windows computer. You can even skip weekends to resume computer so that you unattended computers can be left in hibernation mode. You can even Restart computer automatically after resuming windows computer so that you get a newly started computer. Download Power Saver and start saving on your power bills. Power Saver is really useful and easy to use and configure. A Status bar in the Power Saver will display the next hibernate and resume computer date and time. Download Power Saver now and try it for free on your windows computer.

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